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Aug. 25, 2003

Environmental Report 2003 Released

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. announces the release of its Environmental Report 2003, intended to cultivate an in-depth understanding of its environmental conservation activities both in-house and beyond.

Recognizing that environmental matters, a growing concern worldwide, constitute a key management task, Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals has been in the process of constructing a company-wide environmental management system. Among the several initiatives it has taken to date are the appointment of an Environment and Safety Officer, the enactment of Environmental and Safety Policies, and the establishment of a Quality Assurance / Environment & Occupational Safety Dept.

In 2000, the Ibaraki Plant and Ehime Bio Plant, the company's main manufacturing facilities, were certified to ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems.

The company has set annual performance objectives for reducing the load it places on the environment. In addition to this, based on a mid and long term point of view the company started to accelerate its voluntary environmental action plan, beginning with the year 2003, toward the final goals set for 2010.

The publication of this year's Environmental Report is being done to communicate both within and beyond the company Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals' environmental conservation philosophy and activities, as well as actual performance. The report provides wide-ranging information, from a description of the company's environmental management system through its environmental accounting and environmental conservation activities. It includes data on improvements in energy efficiency, preventive measures for global warming, reduction of waste material and management of chemical substances.

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals pledges to continue to actively promote responsible care for the environment in the management of its operations, and to publish consistently more informative and substantial information on these efforts through its Environmental Report.

This Environmental Report will be published shortly on the company's Internet site,