News Releases

Sep. 27, 2001

European Subsidiary Renamed Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. announced today that, effective October 1, 2001, Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals UK Limited, a wholly-owned European subsidiary, will be renamed Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited.

The chief responsibility of Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals UK Limited has been to conduct clinical development in Europe of products developed by its parent company. In its more than four years in operation, the European subsidiary has expanded the scope of its activity beyond the UK to Italy, Germany and France.

With the establishment of Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals America, Ltd. in November 1999, the three-zone global clinical development structure, comprising Japan, Europe and the USA, has now been completed. Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals UK Limited is expected to serve as the company’s regional headquarters in Europe.

In consideration of the above and to more explicitly indicate the role of the European subsidiary, Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals UK Limited has been renamed Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited.

Corporate information : Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited

Trade name : Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited
Location : Horatio House, 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, London W6 8JA, U.K.
Establishment : May 1, 1997
Managing Director : Kenzo Nakarai
Capital : 150,000
Shareholders : Wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Number of employees : 8
Line of business : The following activities related to the conduct of business by Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals in Europe:
  • 1) Clinical development
  • 2) Licensing, strategic partnerships and other forms of collaboration, and consulting
  • 3) Gathering and analysis of pharmacoregulatory information and other industry data
  • 4) Marketing of pharmaceuticals and other products, and overseas procurement of raw materials