News Releases

Mar. 12, 2001

Agreement Concluded on the Sales of an Active-Type Vitamin D3 Preparation: "Falecalcitriol"

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals, Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka City; President: Masaaki Yokotsuka) and Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Matsumoto City; President: Mutsuo Kanzawa) have agreed that "falecalcitriol (generic name)," an active-type vitamin D3 preparation now in application for production approval submitted by Sumitomo, will be marketed by Kissei.

Falecalcitriol is an orally taken active-type vitamin D3 preparation, introduced from WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Foundation, U.S.A.) and developed jointly by Sumitomo and Taisho Pharmaceutical. The two companies are independently applying for approval of its production as a prescription medicine.

Having once acquired the approval, Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals will supply Kissei Pharmaceutical with the final product, which will be sold by the latter. Sumitomo also considered the possibility of marketing the medicine on its own but, then having considered all aspects, decided to commission the task to Kissei, which has extensive business experience in the field of dialysis.

Kissei Pharmaceutical has been marketing anti-coagulant "FRAGMIN® IV." The addition of falecalcitriol to its sales list is expected to augment the company's product lineup in this field. The health care department of Kissei sells component-controlled--e.g., low-protein--
food for nephropathic patients. Thus, the sales of falecalcitriol will greatly strengthen Kissei's business basis in dialvsis.