News Releases

Dec. 4, 2000

Access to Gene Sequence Information Databases of Incyte Genomics

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and Incyte Genomics, Inc. (CA, USA) announced today that the two companies reached to an agreement, on November 29, that Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals has become a subscriber to access Incyte's highly acclaimed genomic information databases.

Incyte is the world leading provider of genomic information and related services. Its gene sequence databases, developed using the remarkable techniques and the superior bioinformatics technology, is valued highly among the pharmaceutical industry since they contain far more gene sequences than those available in public databases.

The agreement with Incyte will give Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals access to LifeSeq® Gold and ZooSeq® databases, Incyte's human and animal gene sequence databases, and cDNA clones corresponding to the genes included in the databases.

These first-rate genomic information databases will allow Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals not only to obtain most of the gene sequences in human genome, but also to immediately carry out drug discovery research on potential drug target genes such as high throughput screening and functional genomics by using the cDNA clones provided by Incyte.

Recognizing that genome-based research is the key to today's drug discovery , Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals has been strengthening the genome-related research as one of the best-focused research fields, and on October 2, 2000 established the Genomic Science Laboratories in collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Researchers of the new laboratories are working in association with other laboratories including the Drug Discovery Laboratories to create new drugs with distinguished concepts. Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals is focusing on the identification of novel drug targets and functional analyses on them, as well as action mechanism analyses of drug candidate compounds and the prediction of adverse events caused by the compounds.

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals expects this collaboration with Incyte Genomics will enhance its genome-based research and increase the efficiency i of the company's quest for the new drugs.