News Releases

Sep. 13, 2000

Ehime Bio Plant Qualified for "ISO 14001"

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals hereby announces that its Ehime Bio Plant (Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture) was approved on September 11 to qualify for "ISO 14001," an international standard for excellent environmental management systems. The examination and registration body is Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd. Our company also received the same approval for its Ibaraki plant (Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture) as of July 24, 2000.

The main objectives for acquiring this international standard include:

  • (1) To play an active role in the conservation of the global environment, the destruction of which now looms as an international threat, and to fulfill our obligation as a business operating within society;
  • (2) To upgrade the system for plant operation by constructing an internationally acceptable management structure.

For us, the acquisition of the international standard is not the ultimate goal. Rather, we think it far more meaningful to consistently pursue activities expected of an ISO 14001 business, tackling environmental problems and contributing to the conservation of the earth. Such efforts on our part will inspire our own employees to be more aware of their responsibility in this area and to make their own contribution, in their daily lives, to saving energy and resources and reducing refuse. We promise to continue our all-out endeavor to carry our tasks for the rehabilitation of the global environment.

Since its start in 1987, the Ehime Bio Plant has been manufacturing the crude culture of Sumiferon, a natural-type interferon - preparation, by means of cell cultivation in a liquid medium. In the future, we are planning to expand its capacity to include the production of sterile chemicals, for example, those for injection purposes. The new pharmaceutical building, to be completed in June, 2001, will serve as the production base for sterile preparations.