News Releases

Jul. 13, 2000

New Factory Completed at Ibaraki Plant Site

Construction of a new building for the expansion of solid preparation manufacturing capacity and to house a new line for manufacturing injections for clinical tests was completed in July 13 at the Ibaraki Plant, the company's main manufacturing facility located in Ibaraki City, Osaka.

The newly constructed 6-story reinforced concrete building covers an area of about 1,400 square meters. The first floor has been set up independently for the manufacture of injections, while the second and upper floors are designed for the manufacture of solid preparations.

With the addition of the new facility, manufacturing capacity for solid preparations has expanded sufficiently to catch up with the growing sales of Amlodin tablets, a drug for hypertension and angina pectoris, and Sediel tablets, anti-anxiety serotonin inhibitor. It will also serve to fill the requirements for new products to be launched in the future. The manufacturing facilities for injectable preparations for clinical tests have also been designed to meet GMP, taking the future globalization of R&D activities into consideration.

With the completion of the new building, the Ibaraki Plant now covers approximately 74,200 square meters of land.

Outline of the new building:

Structure : reinforced concrete, 6-stories (with one section 7 stories) plus partial basement
Construction area : approximately 1,400 m²
Total floor space : approximately 8,500 m²
Start of work : June 9, 1999
Construction cost : ¥1.2 billion (building only)