News Releases

May 11, 2000

New Manufacturing Facility to be Built at Ehime Bio Plant

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. today commenced construction at its Ehime Bio Plant (Niihama, Ehime Prefecture) of a new building for the manufacture of new injectable phamaceuticals and other sterile preparations.

The new building will be a two-storey, reinforced concrete structure with a building area of approximately 2,700 square meters. The ground floor will accommodate a manufacturing area and combined office / warehouse space, while the first floor will house the airconditioning plant room and other services.

On scheduled completion in June 2001, the Ehime Bio Plant will have a total floor area of approximately 18,890 square meters, as compared with approximately 15,400 square meters now.

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals has to date exclusively used its Ibaraki Plant (Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture) for manufacturing, but growing sales of the company's major products, including Amlodin (therapeutic agent for hypertension and angina pectoris) and Sediel (serotonin-agonist antianxiety drug), have necessitated expansion of the company's production capability. The new capacity will enable the company to cater to the anticipated growth in demand for new products.

Work started in June 1999, scheduled for completion this year, on a new manufacturing facility for solid dosage-form pharmaceuticals at the Ibaraki Plant. However, a shortage of space has led to the decision to locate the new manufacturing building at the Ehime Bio Plant.

Since it opened in 1987, the Ehime Bio Plant has manufactured the intermediate solution of Sumitomo's natural alpha-interferon product Sumiferon, by a cell-culture process. The aseptic techniques used in this process can also be applied to the promising field of sterile preparations, and the company plans to make the Ehime Bio Plant the focus of its manufacturing efforts in this field.

Overview of New Building

Location : 5-1, Sobiraki-cho, Niihama, Ehime 792-0001, Japan
Building specifications : Two-storey, reinfoeced concrete structure
Building area : 2,700 square meters
Total floor area : 3,490 square meters
Construction start : May 11 (Thu.), 2000
Scheduled completion : June 2001
Total investment : 2,200 billion yen (approx.)