News Releases

Apr. 3, 2000

Promotion of Genomics-based Drug Discovery Research

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. announced today the establishment of a new Genomics Research Group as part of the Research Center, Research and Development Division of Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals. This move is designed to enhance the development of advanced therapeutics through intensified research in genomics-based drug discovery.

Through collaboration between research scientists from Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals and Sumitomo Chemical, the new group will conduct genomics-based drug discovery under a research policy approved by the two companies.

The global pharmaceutical industry is witnessing rapid progress in the development of new drugs based on information contained in genomes. Research themes in this area include the determination of gene expression and function through the use of DNA chips and the processing of vast quantities of data such as gene sequences, as well as the analysis of protein expression and function by way of two-dimensional electrophoresis and mass spectroscopy. Genomics-based research has become vital as pharmaceutical concerns pursue the discovery, development, safety assessment and post-marketing clinical use of drugs. The two companies have decided to integrate their genomics-based drug discovery efforts, which had been conducted separately, in order to complement each other and so expedite R&D in pharmaceutics.

The Genomics Research Group will establish basic technology and strive to develop innovative technology in the fields of bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics. It will conduct research on the identification and characterization of the mechanisms of new drugs, predict their potency and potential adverse reactions, and seek out and identify the functions of target genes (and proteins) for new discoveries, in cooperation with other laboratories and research groups from both companies. In this manner, the new group will focus on its ultimate goal, the investigation and development of advanced therapeutics.

As part of an initiative to foster and strengthen the pharmaceutical business of the Sumitomo Chemical Group, last year Sumitomo Chemical and Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals began reorganizing their research operations. In August and October, toxicological research and research on synthesis and process engineering were consolidated at Sumitomo Chemical, which specializes in these fields.

The establishment of the new group is designed to allow Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals to focus on genomics-based drug discovery, so that the company may promote vanguard R&D in new products through greater specialization.

Pharmaceuticals form a core business of the Sumitomo Chemical Group. The Group will strive to continue its business expansion through close cooperation between the two companies.