News Releases

Apr. 5, 2000

Kyorin and Dainippon signed a Memorandum for the co-marketing of GATIFLO Tablets

April 05, 2000 --- Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (President: Ikuo Ogihara) and Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (President: Kenjiro Miyatake) jointly announced today that they signed a memorandum for the co-marketing of GATIFLO Tablets (gatifloxacin) in Japan.

Gatifloxacin, a newer quinolone antibacterial, developed by Kyorin was filed with the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare in March,1999. Approval and commencement of the GATIFLO Tablets co-marketing between Kyorin and Dainippon are expected to occur in 2001.

Gatifloxacin has potent antibacterial activities and a broad spectrum against both gram-negative and gram-positive organisms including Streptococcus pneumoniae which dose not exhibit sufficient susceptibility to currently available new quinolones.

Kyorin, a pioneer of new quinolones, places gatifloxacin as one of the strategically important products for its worldwide business operation. Gatifloxacin is licensed to Bristol|Myers Squibb Company and Grand is under registration in Europe.

With the co-marketing of GATIFLO Tablets, Dainippon is able to further strengthen its new quinolones product or antibiotic line, one of their focused marketing areas, by this co-marketing.

Both companies anticipate that this GATIFLO Tablets co-marketing contribute toward the better treatment of much more number of patients with infections diseases.