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Nov. 29, 1999

Launch of "Kadian®", Sustained-release morphine for cancer pain alleviation in Japan

Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. starts to sell Kadian® , Sustained-release morphine for cancer pain alleviation on November 29, 1999.

Kadian® is an oral sustained release Morphine Sulphate product effective for cancer pain with once-daily administration, and is the first once-daily oral morphine in Japan.

Cancer pain is typically a continued severe pain. Its alleviation therefore requires continual administration of analgesics at certain intervals, so that development of products with longer duration was expected. Kadian® is designed to control rapid increase of blood morphine level on administration and to maintain effectively stable blood level. Such characteristics surely contribute Quality of Life of cancer patients. And flexible adjustment of administration timing because of once-daily dosage is expected to make Kadian® an useful product also for doctors.

In addition, small pellets style, which is a major characteristic of the sustained- release technology employed in Kadian®, enable the product to form not only Capsule type filled with the pellets but also Stick type, which is easier to administer for patients experiencing difficulties in swallowing tablets or capsules. The stick type is the first in the world as a cancer pain narcotic analgesic of this pellet style.

The sustained release technology of the product was licensed form F H Faulding & Co Limited, Australia. And the product was developed in Japan by Dainippon. Dainippon places morphine products as its key strategic area products. With the launch, Dainippon have oral (sustained release & rapid absorption), suppository and injection, consisting of full line up of morphine products, with which Dainippon contribute further to cancer pain alleviation.

Additionally, at the site of Dainipponfs web page ( for medical professionals, Dainippon provide information for appropriate usage and management of morphine.

Dainippon expect its sales of 10 billion yen at 4th year.

(Kadian® is a registered trade mark of F H Faulding, Australia.)