Risk Management

Approach to the Risk Management

We enact "DSP Group Risk Management Policy" that provides for basic thoughts as DSP group with respect to risk management and develop the risk management systems to appropriately promote the risk management of DSP group. In those systems, risks, according to the particularities of each risk, are divided into those requiring a horizontal DSP group-wide approach and those requiring specific approach by each DSP group company. We keep track of the risk management of DSP group companies through reports from each DSP group company about its systems to promote risk management and the status of their operations, and provide each DSP group company with our guidance, advice and the like on a necessary basis.

In order to handle risks that may influence our business activities, we enact the internal rule "Risk Management Rule" under which it is clarified that the president oversees risk management and we develop systems to promote the risk management for respective risks classified on the basis of risk characteristics. As one of concrete efforts for such promotion, we conduct the risk assessment every year and each division, based on the result of risk assessment, is working for resolving issues to be addressed in a systematic manner by formulating, carrying out and evaluating countermeasures for those issues. In addition, from the viewpoint of stable supply of the pharmaceutical products that is our social mission, we formulate the business continuity plan (BCP) assuming the occurrence of a severe earthquake and the epidemic of new influenza. Moreover, in order to strengthen the ability to deal promptly with risks such as disaster, we prepare rules and manuals necessary for handling respective potential risks, and carry out educational activities to our employees through training exercises and seminars.