Board Members and Executive Officers


Masayo TadaRepresentative Director, Chairman

Masayo Tada

Hiroshi NomuraRepresentative Director, President and CEO

Hiroshi Nomura

Hitoshi OdagiriMember, Board of Directors, Executive Vice President
Executive Director, Sales & Marketing Division
Head of Japan Business Unit

Hitoshi Odagiri

Toru KimuraMember, Board of Directors, Senior Executive Officer
Senior Executive Research Director, Drug Research Division;
Regenerative & Cellular Medicine Office, Kobe Center, Manufacturing Plant
Chief Research Officer

Toru Kimura

Nobuyuki HaraMember, Board of Directors

Nobuyuki Hara

Hidehiko SatoMember, Board of Directors (Outside)

Hidehiko Sato

Yutaka AtomiMember, Board of Directors (Outside)

Yutaka Atomi

Saeko AraiMember, Board of Directors (Outside)

Saeko Arai

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Yoshinori Oh-eAudit & Supervisory Board Member

Yoshinori Oh-e

Takashi KutsunaiAudit & Supervisory Board Member

Takashi Kutsunai

Kazuto NishikawaAudit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)

Kazuto Nishikawa

Junsuke FujiiAudit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)

Junsuke Fujii

Yoshio IteyaAudit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)

Yoshio Iteya

Executive Officers

Nobuhiko TamuraSenior Executive Officer
Executive Director, Corporate Regulatory Compliance & Quality Assurance Division; Regulatory Affairs; Medical Information, Medical Affairs; Drug Development Division
Deputy Head of Japan Business Unit

Nobuhiko Tamura

Yoshiharu IkedaSenior Executive Officer
Executive Director, Manufacturing Division; Technology Research & Development Division
Deputy Head of Japan Business Unit

Yoshiharu Ikeda

Kazuo KoshiyaSenior Executive Officer
Global Oncology Office; Oncology Clinical Development Unit; Oncology Strategy Unit; DSP Cancer Institute; Global Head of Oncology

Kazuo Koshiya

Hiroyuki BabaSenior Executive Officer
Global Corporate Strategy; IT Management & Digital Transformation; Frontier Business Office

Hiroyuki Baba

Hideyuki HaradaExecutive Officer
Executive Research Director, Drug Research Division

Hideyuki Harada

Atsuko HiguchiExecutive Officer
Corporate Communications; Human Resources

Atsuko Higuchi

Shigeyuki NishinakaExecutive Officer
Global Business Development; International Business Management

Shigeyuki Nishinaka

Kazuhiro TakadaExecutive Officer
Corporate Governance; Legal Affairs; Intellectual Property

Kazuhiro Takada

Takuya TaguchiExecutive Officer
Deputy Executive Director, Sales & Marketing Division; Senior Director, Sales & Marketing Management

Takuya Taguchi

Shinichiro KatayanagiExecutive Officer
Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Strategy Officer, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Shinichiro Katayanagi

Antony LoebelExecutive Officer
President and CEO, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Antony Loebel

Patricia S. AndrewsExecutive Officer
CEO, Boston Biomedical, Inc.

Patricia S. Andrews