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Notice of launching of LONASEN tablets 8mg

Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka, Japan; President: Masayo Tada) launches "LONASEN® tablets 8mg", new lineup of LONASEN®, an antipsychotic agent (generic name: blonanserin) as of April 26.

LONASEN® is an antipsychotic agent, invented by Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma and first launched in April 2008. Since then, this drug has been widely used in Japan. This drug is characterized by its strong blocking action and high selectivity against dopamine-2 receptors and serotonin-2 receptors. It has stronger blocking action to dopamine-2 receptors than to serotonin-2 receptors.

A usual maintenance dosage for adults of LONASEN® is 8-16mg per day and its highest dosage is 24mg per day. In the case of existing tablets (2mg tablet and 4mg tablet), sometimes a large number of tablets need to be taken in a day. As a result of the launching of "LONASEN® tablets 8mg", such number of tablets can be reduced, which is expected to contribute to improvement of adherence.

Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma places a higher priority on CNS area with LONASEN® as one of the strategically important products in this area and intends to provide information in an elaborate manner, enhancing capabilities of MR dedicated to CNS.


Profile of LONASEN® tablets 8mg
[Brand Name] LONASEN® tablets 8mg
[Generic Name] blonanserin
[Content/Description] LONASEN® tablets 8mg: 8mg of blonanserin
[Indication] schizophrenia
[Dosage and Administration] Initial treatment should be started at the usual dose of 4mg of blonanserin twice a day for adults by oral administration after meals, and the dosage should be increased gradually. The maintenance dose of 8-16mg is orally administered in two divided doses after meals.
The dosage may be adjusted according to the patient's age and symptoms; however, the daily dose should not be increased over 24mg per day.
[Manufacturer and Distributor] Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.
[Date of Approval] December 2, 2009
[Date of NHI Price Listing] April 23, 2010
[NHI Drug Price Standard] 8mg tablet: ¥269.60
[Packaging] LONASEN® tablets 8mg:
[PTP]   100 tablets (10 x 10)
1000 tablets (10 x 100)
[bottle] 1000 tablets