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New OD tablet of AMLODIN by original formulation technology "SUITAB-NEX"

Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President: Masayo Tada) announces that the Company has obtained an approval to modify part of the manufacture and sale conditions which were approved in March this year with regard to the preparation method for "AMLODIN® OD Tablet 2.5mg/OD Tablet 5mg", a long-acting calcium antagonist (generic name: amlodipine besilate), under which our newly developed "SUITAB-NEX®" technique will be used, and all the AMLODIN® OD tablets to be marketed will be new OD tablet in Japan from now.

AMLODIN® OD tablet is a tablet disintegrant in the mouth, which was put on the market in July 2006 for the first time in Japan as a calcium antagonist, aiming at improving drug adherence* of elderly patients in particular with lowered swallowing functions. The new OD Tablet has been developed, aiming for not a "barrier-free tablet" handy to specific patients but rather a "universal-design tablet" usable to all kinds of patients, for which our original OD formulation technology SUITAB-NEX®" is applied. This new tablet has a higher hardness, less bitterness in its active ingredient, and improved stability, while maintaining an excellent disintegrative property. There is no change in its color tone and shape.

The following are some characteristics of new OD tablet of AMLODIN® :

  1. The active ingredient is fine-grain coated, which reduces roughness and bitterness when it disintegrates in the mouth.
  2. The duration of use has been extended, and the stability after unsealed has been improved.
  3. It is designed to have a quick disintegrative property and a high hardness, which enables easy handling.

The Company expects that new OD tablet of AMLODIN® will well contribute to treatments of high-blood pressure and angina

* Adherence means that a patient willingly participates in deciding a treatment policy and receives treatment under such policy.