Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Annual Report 2017

Mid-term Environmental Plan (fiscal 2016–2018)Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma has clarified key issues related to its environmental activities and has established its Mid-term Environmental Plan as an action plan to realize these goals and make continuous improvements toward them. Please see the Company website for details and specific data on overall environmental impacts, initiatives for energy conservation and prevention of global warming, initiatives to save resources, promotion of communication, initiatives for biodiversity, and similar efforts.During fiscal 2016, we made steady progress in most areas, except for a few objectives. In the future, we will continue to pursue further improvements.Mid-term Environmental PlanGoals ofSpecial ImportanceProgress in FY2016ObjectivesDegree ofProgress1. Reduce emissions of chemical substances2. Promote energy savings and address climate change3. Avert power shortages4. Reduce waste5. Promote communication with group companies6. Promote communication with local communities7. Address biodiversity8. Enhance environmental educationImprove per-unit energy consumption and CO2 emissions for the whole Company by 1% or more per year, respectivelyProperly manage chemical substances, and continually strive to reduce emissions of chemical substances (PRTR substances, etc.) into the environmentWith an increase in the volume of PRTR substances handled, atmospheric emissions of these substances increased approximately 36% over the previous scal year, but emission rates (emission volume/amount handled) were held nearly the same year on year.Reduce CO2 emissions for the whole Company to 23% of FY2005 levels by FY2020Company-wide CO2 emissions in FY2016 stood at 89.6% of the level in FY2005 and 99.4% of the previous scal year[1] Numerical targets:[1] Numerical targets:[2] Activity targets:[2] Activity targets:Promote the introduction of energy-efcient equipment and machinery at the Company’s work sitesInvested in energy saving equipment, such as air conditioning equipment at the Suzuka PlantPromote the use of renewable energy at the Company’s work sitesCurrently operating solar power generation equipment at the Central Research Laboratories and the Osaka Research CenterMaintain nal landll disposal by the whole Company at less than 1% of waste generatedMaintained at less than 1% (FY2016 result 0.2%)Support environmental activities of group companiesConducted environmental audits at two group companies in Japan, and held meeting in September 2016 to exchange information on the environmental management of domestic group companiesParticipate actively in local environmental activitiesActively implemented at each work siteOther sites: Continue complete recycling of recyclable wasteOther sites made progress in recycling recyclable wasteUnderstand environmental risks that corporate activities can present to the local communityGained understanding of most risks and implemented countermeasuresDisclose information to the local community in an appropriate wayImplemented appropriatelyExamine issues to be addressed and implement activitiesEducational activities and initiatives concerning biodiversity are carried out at each business site.The entire Company is carrying out a ve-year plan called the Owls Forest Restoration Project.Establish and implement environmental education system for employeesFormulated environmental education plan at each work site and implemented education in accordance with plansTrain key persons in environmental managementFormulated training plans at each work site and implementing training in accordance with plansPromote energy saving at the Company’s work sitesImplemented across the whole Company and at each work sitePromote visualization of energy consumption at the Company’s work sitesConsidered various measures at each work siteConsider and implement measures to reduce energy use in summer and winterEach work site sets unique targets and implemented measures to reduce energy usePer-unit energy consumption: 101.7% of FY2015Plants and research laboratories: Maintain nal landll disposal of industrial waste at less than 1% of amount generatedZero emissions goal achieved at three plants and two research laboratories, but not achieved at one plant(increased waste due to production site restructuring)Per-unit CO2 emissions: 102.5% of FY2015Degree of progress: Goal achieved Steady progress made toward objective Progress somewhat behind schedule60Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. Annual Report 2017

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