Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Annual Report 2017

Fair Operating Practices•Appropriate Information Disclosure and Management (see p. 46)•Protecting and Managing Personal Information (see p. 48)•Preventing the Falsification and Leakage of Information•Corporate Activities Attaching Importance to Transparency (see p. 29, 46)•Establish Proper Relationships with Medical Institutions and Patient Groups•Fair Promotion Activities (see p. 36, 38, 39)•Implementing “Ethics in Procurement” as part of CSR-based Procurement (see p. 30)•Respect for Intellectual Property Rights•Reinforcement of Information Security (see p. 48)•Ensuring thorough Awareness of Compliance Standards (see p. 47)Major Items Reported on Our WebsiteGuideline for Daily Application of the Declaration of ConductPlease see p. 1 “Profile” for details on our Corporate Mission and other statementsCSR-based Management for Responding to Socio-Economic Changes Inside and Outside JapanWe recognize that to continue to meet the expectations of society it is important to promote CSR-based management corresponding to socio-economic changes.We comprehensively revised our Declaration of Conduct in April 2017, taking into account such considerations as the tightening of ethics in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and the formulation and revision of domestic and international guidelines, including the UN SDGs, ISO 26000, the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Code of Practice, and Japan’s Corporate Governance Code.In order to promote CSR-based management, it is necessary to cultivate “a culture open to challenges” that enables individuals to proactively engage in innovation and reform. In order to further spread awareness of our Declaration of Conduct, which articulates the Company’s basic approach to CSR, we promote internal communication both periodically and continuously. A corporate blog of CSR-related information and discussions at each worksite was launched, for consideration of the connections between work tasks and the Declaration of Conduct.Declaration of Conduct (revised April 2017)Declaration of ConductCompany values and fundamental principlesManagement MissionCompany management objectivesCorporate MissionCompany missions and objectivesFollow through the global slogan “Innovation today, healthier tomorrows.”We constantly pursue self-innovation to deliver innovative products and services with speed so that people around the world can lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.CSR Management1Pursue trustworthy corporate activities.We comply with laws and regulations, and conduct transparent and fair corporate activities with a good sense of ethics. We resolutely sever all relations with antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and security of civil society.2Positively disclose information and properly manage information.We disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner. We take appropriate measures to protect and manage personal and customer information acquired through corporate activities.3Help employees reach their full potential.We respect diversity, character and personality of employees. We ensure a safe and pleasant working environment, and provide employees the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities.4Respect human rights.We respect the rights of all people associated with our company in conducting corporate activities. We do not discriminate or harass anyone. In addition, we reject child labor and forced labor.5Positively address global environmental issues.We positively initiate measures in acknowledgment of environmental issues, which are common challenges to humanity and important requirements for corporate sustainability and activities.6Build harmonious relationships with society.We engage in community involvement activities including philanthropy by communicating with all of stakeholders. We conduct business by taking into consideration the local culture and customs of the countries and regions, and contribute toward the development of the local economy and society.7*Page numbers refer to those in this pamphlet55Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. Annual Report 2017

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