Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Annual Report 2017

Labor PracticesMajor Items Reported on Our Website•Promoting Human Resources Development (see p. 17, 54)•Achieving Work-life Balance (see p. 6, 18, 53)•Supporting Women’s Active Participation (see p. 11, 54)•Implementing Health and Safety Risk Assessments•Supporting the Betterment and Growth of Employee Health and Mental Wellbeing•Promoting Dialogue between Management and Employees (see p. 18, 53)•Operating Consultation Desks and Hotlines•Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities•Building Good Labor-Management RelationsPromoting Initiatives with 2017 as “Year One for Work Style Reforms”Main InitiativesHold seminars on work style reforms, balancing childcare/nursing care and work, promoting the active participation of women, and so onCurb long working hours•Rationalize work tasks and hold meetings to reassess work styles at each worksite•Thoroughly managing work hoursEncourage improvement of the usage rate for paid leave•Achieve a 60% utilization rate for paid leave in fiscal 2016•Encourage employees to consistently take their paid leaveHold training for all management rank employees related to work style reformsEstablish a Senior Work Style Reform OfficerExpand the work from home systemIn order for us to increase our corporate competitiveness, it is vital to transition to workstyles with a strong awareness of time, and with high added value and productivity. Furthermore, we recognize that achieving work-life balance is an issue that cannot be avoided if we are to have an active, diverse work force. Hence, we held a seminar in March 2017 for all employees, after which we held training for all management rank employees in order to promote work style reforms at each worksite. In addition to this, we have carried out initiatives throughout the year, including no overtime days and Promoting Dialogue between Management and EmployeesEvery year, we conduct an opinion poll called “DSP OPINION” for all employees. Its purpose is to gauge employees’ understanding of and comfort with our business policies and HR systems, their satisfaction with their supervisors and workplace environments, and their satisfaction with their own personal development. The overall response rate was 97% in the survey conducted in July 2016.Survey results are reported to the Board of Directors, while efforts are made, when necessary, to work with related departments to solve issues. Furthermore, the President and directors visit each business site to have direct dialogue with employees to explain Company circumstances and policies, while also addressing opinions expressed in the surveys.other measures to curb long working hours, as well as measures to encourage employees to take their paid leave.In regards to our work from home system, in June 2016, we launched a system to support employees involved in childcare or nursing care and plan to make more employees eligible for the system in order to leverage it as a way to achieve higher employee productivity.CSR Management*Page numbers refer to those in this pamphlet53Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. Annual Report 2017

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