Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Annual Report 2017

Timely, Appropriate and Fair Disclosure of InformationBased on the recognition that transparency is vital to being trusted by society, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma discloses corporate information to various stakeholders in a timely, appropriate and fair manner in accordance with the in-house regulations for management and disclosure of information, which stipulate the criteria and procedures for the disclosure of information.We promptly disclose information for which timely disclosure is required, such as determined facts, occurring facts, and account settlement-related information provided for in the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s various rules concerning timely disclosure, through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet), the timely disclosure notification system provided by the stock exchange. We also disclose information appropriately in English to the extent reasonably possible.With regard to information for which timely disclosure is not required, we actively disclose information needed for stakeholders, including shareholders, to understand Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma properly through such means as press releases and our corporate website.Policy on Publication of Business Strategies and Business PlansIn releasing its business strategies and business plans, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma shall strive to provide sufficient information in an easily understandable manner, by presenting its basic principles for the earnings and capital policy and the financial targets, including those for profitability and capital efficiency.The Board of Directors of Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma passed a resolution on the basic policies for the development of a system to ensure appropriate business operation. The status of implementation efforts pursuant to the basic policies for each year is reported based on the Companies Act at the Board of Directors meeting held in the last month of the fiscal year and the basic policies are revised as necessary to improve the system.Development and Implementation of Internal Control SystemIn order to ensure the reliability of financial reporting, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma is striving to enhance its internal control system in accordance with the Company’s basic framework for internal control as required by Japan’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.Specifically, the scope of the system encompasses the company-wide internal control system at Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma and those of its major consolidated subsidiaries, as well as business processes with the potential for significant impact on finances. Every year, the President assesses the effectiveness of the design and implementation of the internal control framework, while also confirming the effectiveness of internal control.Internal Control over Financial ReportingSumitomo Dainippon Pharma Group is making concrete preparations for the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) from the fiscal year ending March 2018 for the purposes of improving the international comparability of the Groups financial statements in the capital markets and improving the business management within the Group by standardization of accounting treatment.Basic Policy for Application of Accounting StandardsWe refreshed and improved our website on March 24, 2017. This renewal was a full update to make the design and layout of the website more quickly and directly accessible. For users of smartphones and tablets, the screen size setting was optimized to provide an optimal view as well.We will continue to make efforts to provide enhanced disclosure through communications including our website.Updating Our WebsiteInformation Disclosure46Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. Annual Report 2017

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