Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Annual Report 2017

Food Ingredients and Chemical Product MaterialsDSP Gokyo Food & Chemical Co., Ltd. the food ingredients and food additives business, the company develops and sells food ingredients and additives for use in manufacturing safe, high-quality foods. Products include polysaccharides, primarily GLYLOID® (tamarind seed gum), the first product of its kind successfully produced by us on an industrial scale and seasonings such as soup or bouillon.Additionally, in the chemical product materials business, which includes pharmaceutical excipients, personal care products, coatings and industrial materials, and electronic materials, we are expanding business to a wide range of customers by leveraging our unique technology and expertise, while cooperating with domestic and overseas suppliers.In May 2015, we launched an information portal site, which has steadily grown its membership and is contributing to maximizing value in the polysaccharide business.Going forward, we will aim to expand business as a company that integrates research, development, and sales operations to continually create value that is recognized by all.Animal Health ProductsDS Pharma Animal Health Co., Ltd. major products are veterinary medicinal products and other products for companion animals, primarily dogs and cats, as well as for livestock such as cattle, swine, poultry, horses and aquacultured fish.In its main field of business, the companion animal market, DS Pharma Animal Health launched OraStripTM, a test strip of halitosis as an indicator for canine oral health management in March 2016, and ds PIMOHEART® for chronic canine heart failure in April 2016.For the livestock industries, DS Pharma Animal Health provides VICTAS® Soluble Powder 25%, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic for swine, URSO®, a bile acid product for cattle, EQVALAN® paste, an oral anthelmintic for horses, and other products. For the aquaculture industry, the company provides vaccines and other products including anesthetics for fish and crustaceans and synthetic antibacterial drugs, contributing to the security and safety of food. In addition, the company deals in feed additives and mixed feeds for maintaining animals’ health and improving productivity.Aiming to commercialize cellular medicines for animals, we established Ikeda Regenerative and Cellular Medicine Center for Animals in April 2016 in Ikeda city (Osaka). DS Pharma Animal Health is the first animal health products manufacturer to focus on producing cellular medicines for clinical trial use and for commercial use. We have begun commercializing cellular medicine using allogeneic canine stem cells. Furthermore, by promoting a New Ventures Program Supporting Animal Health, Diagnostics and Research MaterialsDS Pharma Biomedical Co., Ltd. company develops and supplies products including but not limited to the following:-point-of-care testing (POCT) diagnostics for infectious diseases like influenza or Streptococcus, for acute myocardial infarction and the like-diagnostics to measure bone and calcium metabolism markers-diagnostics to measure drug concentration levels in the blood-high sensitivity products combining fluorescent detectors and special reagentsThe company also works on developing products to measure biomarkers used in companion diagnosis which is performed to predict the efficacy and/or side-effects of drugs before they are administered, and diagnostics for neuropsychiatric disorders, etc. as well.Furthermore, the company deals in materials for research use, such as cells and cell mediums.In the future, the company plans to manufacture, market and sell authorized generic (AG) pharmaceuticals.we are making progress in developing new products based on the most current science.As a research and development based animal health company, we will continue our efforts to create high-quality products that deliver new value that supports the well-being of animals and promotes a blissful society where animals and people live together harmoniously.Highly sensitive fluorescent detector,“Sofia Analyzer J” and its special reagentfor StreptococcusDiagnostics for measuringbone metabolism markersOraStripTM, a test strip of halitosis as an indicator for canine oral health, and ds PIMOHEART®, a therapeutic agent for chronic canine heart failureMarketingRelated Business40Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. Annual Report 2017

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