Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Annual Report 2017

Date acquiredMajor development productsCategoryDevelopment locationDevelopment stageProduct codeTolero Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(U.S.)Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc.(Canada)(currently Sunovion CNS Development Canada ULC)January 2017October 2016alvocidib (Generic name)TP-0903TP-1287TP-0184Phase 2Phase 1PreclinicalPreclinicalU.S., CanadaU.S.U.S.U.S.Anticancer drugAnticancer drug——APL-130277Phase 3U.S.Therapeutic agent forParkinson’s diseaseCompany acquiredMajor recent acquisitionsMajor recent in-licensed productsIndication /Proposed indicationTerritoryDevelopment stageDate of licensingLicensed fromUTIBRONTM NEOHALER® SEEBRITM NEOHALER® ARCAPTA® NEOHALER®SB623vatiquinone (EPI-743)EPI-589obeticholic acid (DSP-1747)Chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease (COPD)Chronic stroke (cellular medicine)Mitochondrial diseaseNeurodegenerative diseasesNonalcoholic steatohepatitis(NASH)Novartis (Switzerland)December 2016September 2014ApprovedU.S.SanBio, Inc. (U.S.)BioElectron Technology Corporation(formerly Edison Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) (U.S.)Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (U.S.)March 2013March 2011Phase 2completed Phase 2/3Phase 2Phase 2JapanU.S., CanadaJapan, U.S., Canada(U.S., Canada: adults only)Japan, China, KoreaBrand name / Generic name /Product codeQ3.A3.What are you currently putting effort into?Primarily inside Japan, we are focusing on partnerships and acquisitions, in addition to re-evaluating previous development products.Development products added with the fiscal 2016 acquisitions of Tolero Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc. will have a substantial contribution to expanding our pipeline ahead of the expiry of the exclusivity period for LATUDA® in 2019. One of the factors allowing us to carry out these valuable acquisitions is our stance toward respecting the corporate culture of acquired companies. This is evident in our previous acquisitions of Sunovion Pharmaceutical Inc. and Boston Biomedical, Inc., where we followed a policy of allowing the companies to continue to exist as partners that we stand shoulder to shoulder with. This stance is arguably also an attractive feature for venture companies that get acquired.We would like to leverage this characteristic strength of Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma as we direct our next initiatives at the extremely competitive domestic market. To that end, we are simultaneously evaluating other companies’ compounds while reevaluating in-house projects. Even development projects that were previously discontinued could yield new value at a different point in time. Furthermore, awareness of symptomology not previously recognized as a disease means it is possible that the need for new pharmaceutical products will emerge. It is important to quickly notice such developments.28Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. Annual Report 2017

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