Effective Use of Resources and Energy

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma has established the following Basic Environmental Policies as the foundation of its environmental activities, and with recognition of its responsibility for its environmental impact, will strive to reduce environmental impact in all areas of its business operations.

Basic Environmental Policies

With awareness that the global environment is now facing a serious crisis, we, at Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, will make concerted efforts to preserve the environment and help create a recycling-oriented society through all our corporate activities as a company with a mission to protect human lives and promote health, thereby contributing to a prosperous and pleasant world.

  1. Development of environmentally-friendly products and technologies
    We will develop products and technologies that least affect the environment throughout their life cycles, from R&D, procurement, manufacturing, sales, and distribution to use and after-use disposal.
  2. Environmentally-friendly corporate activities
    We will conduct environmental risk management and introduce new environmental technologies whenever possible in all our corporate activities for the purposes of energy saving, addressing climate change, recycling, resource saving, waste reduction, and control of chemical substance emissions.
  3. Company-wide commitment to environmental preservation
    We will implement our environmental management system on a company-wide basis to ensure all employees will work positively to achieve targets set for environmental preservation.
  4. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and voluntary efforts
    We will comply with all applicable environment-related laws and regulations, and set our own management criteria to continue efforts for environmental preservation.
  5. Educational and awareness enhancing activities
    We will increase awareness of the importance of environmental preservation among employees through educational activities concerning environmental preservation.
  6. Environmental activities in local communities
    We will positively promote environmental preservation activities at home and in local communities as well as in the workplace.
  7. Communication
    We will disclose information about our environmental preservation activities, listen to the views of members of society, and continue our efforts hand-in-hand with society.