The Environment

In the Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma "Declaration of Conduct: Item 6. Positively Address Global Environmental Issues" and the "Compliance Standard: Item 10. Protection of the Environment", we clearly state our commitment to observance of environment-related laws and regulations as well as internal rules and to conducting business activities in a manner that is considerable of the effects on the global environment and the environment of local communities. We recognize responsibility for the environmental impact through our business activities and strive to reduce environmental negative impact in all aspects of our business operation.

Environmental Management

Established in fiscal 2005, the Basic Environmental Policies underpin all of our environmental activities. Under the Basic Environmental Policies, we formulated a Mid-term Environmental Plan that specifies goals of highly importance and objectives as to be focused in the subsequent three years.

In addition, we annually draft the Annual Implementation Plan. In this way, we have implemented the environment management both systematically and effectively.

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Basic Environmental Policies

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

To tackle environmental issues at the corporate level, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma has established an Environmental and Safety Committee and an Environmental and Safety Managers' Conference, both of which meet twice yearly. We have also built a system for proactive management of issues at every workplace, through actions such as the regular convening of environment committees at the workplace level.
Additionally, we have internal audits conducted regularly at all company sites to monitor their compliance with environmental and safety policies.

Environmental Accidents and Legal Violations

As in the previous fiscal year, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma was involved in no violations of environment-related laws in FY 2016.

Compliance with Japan's PCB Law

We strictly manage the polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) waste from equipment such as transformers, capacitors and fluorescent lamp ballasts that use PCBs, in accordance with Japan's Act on Special Measures concerning Promotion of Proper Treatment of PCB Wastes at each workplace so as to prevent leakage or loss.

We will continue to perform proper management and storage of all PCB-containing wastes until such time that they can be processed by specialized contractors under the law.

PCB storage status At the end of FY 2016
Waste containing high levels of PCB in storage 3250 units
Waste containing low levels of PCB in storage 0 unit

Environmental data shown on this website

This website shows the environmental data and activity information pertaining to Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma's establishments in Japan according to the five categories indicated on the right side. (Detailed data and information can be found in the link pages indicated below.)

The establishments in Japan for which the data are compiled include: plants, research laboratories, distribution centers, Osaka Head Office, Tokyo Head Office, branches and business offices

Environmental data shown on this website

  • Perspective on Environmental Impact
    Perspective on Environmental Impact (INPUT/OUTPUT)
    Environmental Accouting
    Mid-term Environmental Plan
  • Measures to Address Global Warming
    Activities to Conserve Energy and Address Climate Change
    Energy Consumption
    Electric Power Consumption
  • Effective Use of Resources and Energy
    Effective Use of Water Resources
    Reduction of Waste
    Reduction of Chemical Substance Waste
    Development of Environmental Conservation Systems
  • Environmental Communications
    Fostering Environmental Awareness
    Communication with Global Group Companies
  • Biodiversity
    "Owls Forest Restoration Project" at the "Sumitomo Dainipppon Pharma Forest"
    "Fukadani Park Satoyama Conservation Project" of Suzuka City, Mie
    "The Adopt Program" of Niihama City, Ehime
    "Planning Trees" in the Mentougou Yongding River Forest Park in the Suburbs of Beijing, China