Communications with Patients and Their Families

The Pharmaceuticals Information Center

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma established the Pharmaceuticals Information Center in order to respond to external and internal inquiries about its ethical pharmaceuticals. In fiscal 2015, the Center handled approximately 56,000 inquiries from medical professionals, patients and their families as well as in-house MRs.

In order to help the Pharmaceuticals Information Center respond more promptly and more in depth to the inquiries it receives, a variety of in-house search systems, such as the DI-SaGaS product information search system, are utilized, and a Center FAQ is also maintained. Frequently received inquiries are compiled into a Q&A reference that enables all staff at the Center to respond promptly and consistently when such inquiries are received in the future. In addition, a History Confirmation System, which can verify the results of inquiry responses, has been installed. The person in charge of this system changes each day, and it is their job to confirm the response history of other Center staff and seek improvements when necessary. This system will not only ensure that the content of responses are scrutinized and secured, but by giving each staff member the opportunity to check over the content of other staff members' responses, they themselves have the opportunity to learn from these responses and improve their own understanding.

Information in inquiries received from medical professionals is shared as it is received with the MR in charge as well as related divisions. Specifically, we use a system that sends an email to the MR in charge regarding the nature of the question, summary of the response and source of information used in the response. This has enabled us to share information with MRs in charge and to ensure uniformity in our responses, which has helped foster relationships of trust between medical professionals and their MRs.
Moving forward, we will continue to support the health of patients by rapidly providing detailed and precise information on how our medicines should be used.

Inquiries during FY2015 (Approximately 56,000)

Inquiries during FY2015 (Approximately 56,000)

Launched a Medical Information Site for Medical Professionals

Through this Japanese-language medical information site, we provide medical professionals with information that is useful in their line of work, including basic product information, notices of various revisions to product information and information about the seminars we hold.

Launched a Medical Information Site for Medical Professionals

In 2013, we launched MyPage, an industry-first customized webpage service for medical professionals. This system allows two-way communication between medical professionals and MRs over the Internet. In order to provide targeted and timely information to medical professionals, in conjunction with visits by MRs, we are using e-promotion, including MR Kun, a tool for providing product information over the Internet operated by M3, Inc., streaming live broadcasts of lectures from our own studio and distributing a range of e-mail newsletters. in Japanese)

Launched a Health Information Site

Launched a Health Information Site

Through this Japanese-language health information site, we provide the general public with basic information, the latest news and tips to help people enjoy healthy lives. Site content includes data on causes of and treatments for diseases, tips on healthy living and warnings about the misuse of drugs. in Japanese)

Pages and Content on the Health Information Site

Disease Info

On this web site, visitors can search for information related to illness by disease name or symptom. There are also easy to understand explanations about common maladies, including lower back pain and high blood pressure. Visitors can also check out "the Message from a Doctor" to get clear explanations from specialists in their neighborhood about treatments or tips on daily activities.

Life Tips

This fascinating page features "The Practical Health Navigator," where you can learn about healthy living, including proper diet and exercise. There's also "Health Tips," where you can learn fun facts about clothes, food and communities through witty columns and illustrations, and "The Ah Hah! Guide to Taking Medicine" where visitors can learn about the effects, side-effects and efficacy of drugs.

Medicine Guide

On this web site, visitors can search for information related to medicine, including actions, effects, side-effects, usage warnings or other key terms using the drug name.