Stakeholder Engagement

Our Stakeholder Engagement

We, as a good corporate citizen, need to have a very wide perspective in order to address the multiple issues our modern society is faced with. Accordingly, we place a special importance on having vivid dialogs with all of our stakeholders including healthcare providers, patients and their families, shareholders and investors, outside directors, and employees (stakeholder dialog). so that we can correctly capture what is expected of us by the society.

Our Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Dialogs During FY2015

In the course of fiscal 2015, the following stakeholder dialogs were had:

Stakeholder Occasion Frequency Remarks
Patients, Families, Healthcare providers ●Pharmaceuticals Information Center Some 2,700 inquiries Please visit Section: Consumer Issues for details.
● ”Health Information Website” for general public Constant updating
●”Healthy Compass Website” for school children Constant updating
●Collaboration with patient groups, NPOs Constant updating
Healthcare providers ● Pharmaceuticals Information Center Some 40,000 inquiries
●Routine MR activities 15 branches (Japan)
● “Medical Information Website” for professionals Constant updating
Shareholder, Investor ● General Meeting of Shareholders Annual Please visit Section: IR Calendar for details.
● Presentation to investment analysts and institutional investors Two times
● Conference call Two times
● Meeting with analysts and institutional investors 95 meetings (Japan)
● R&D meeting Annual
Local community ● School class by employee To some 900 students at 7 high schools Please refer to Sections: Employee participatory support and Biodiversity conservation for details.
● Neighborhood volunteer activities 1,168 employees took part in 34 events
Outside director ● Board meeting 14 times Please refer to Section: Corporate Governance for details.
● Auditors meeting 13 times
Employee ● DSP Opinion (company-wide questionnaire) Annual
4,106 responses (98%)
Please refer to Section: Fair and equitable business practice for details.
● Dialog between officer and employees Several times at each business location