Community Involvement and Development

Basic Stance as a Corporate Citizen

Having declared in Item 7 of our Declaration of Conduct that we should "Build harmonious relationships with society," we strirve to have a strong sense of good corporate citizen permeate throughout the company.
We attach a special emphasis on stakeholder engagement, based on sincere dialog with all of our stakeholders (stakeholder dialog) including patients, their families, healthcare providers, shareholders, investors, local communities and employees. Proactively, we look for and listen to expectations about us and requests to us, and have them reflected in our business operations and social contribution activities with a view to helping offering solutions to problems of the society.

Social Contribution Activities

Our Policy on Social Contribution Activities

We have identified the following pivotal points as our basic thoughts on social contribution activities befitting a good corporate citizen, and have created various programs to facilitate employee involvement in social contribution activities:

Our Policy on Social Contribution Activities

  • Constant awareness by employees that Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma runs its business supported by the trust of society
  • Understanding and respecting diverse values and cultures of regions and peoples
  • Fulfilling responsibilities and contributing as a member of society conscious of building harmonious relationships with society.

This website outlines our activities as a good corporate citizen in five categories: stakeholder engagement, support through employee participation, supports through donation, social supports, and tenth anniversary community service programs.