Risk Management

Approach to the Risk Management

In order to correspond to the risk that influences the business activity, we enacted the internal rule "Risk Management Promotion Rule" and organize the "Risk Management Committee" led by the president. We also formulate the risk management program every year, and each section of our company is systematically working on the solution of each problem. In addition, in order to strengthen the conformity power to crises, we consolidate the necessary regulations and documents according to the assumed individual risk, and execute the enlightening activity to employees through concrete training and the instruction courses. Moreover, from the viewpoint of stable supply of the pharmaceutical products that is our social mission, we formulate the business continuity plan (BCP) that assumes the occurrence of a large earthquake and the epidemic of new influenza.

Approach to the Risk Management

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Information Management

We perform an appropriate and fair information disclosure to the society, and properly protect and manage the individual information and customers' information obtained through the business activity. Moreover, in order to protect our information property from all information risks by the physical, technical, human risk, we execute the technical measures and review of rules corresponding to the change of the social environment and the advancement of information technology and promote the education for employees to recognize the importance of the information security and practice the rule.