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Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma

2005 October 1, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma created.
2006 AmBisome® (therapeutic agent for systemic fungal infection) launched.
2007 REPLAGAL® (therapeutic agent for Anderson-Fabry disease) launched.
The laboratory products business was transferred to DS Pharma Biomedical Co., Ltd.
The mid-term business plan (for the period from fiscal 2007 to fiscal 2009) started.
2008 LONASEN® (atypical antipsychotic) launched.
AVAPRO® (therapeutic agent for hypertension) launched.
2009 TRERIEF® (Parkinson's disease drug) launched.
A holding company(Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma America Holdings, Inc.) established in the United States.
Acquired Sepracor Inc. (Current Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.), Sepracor (Current Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.) became a wholly owned subsidiary of the U.S. holdings company.
2010 MIRIPLA® (therapeutic agent for hepatocellular carcinoma) launched.
The second mid-term business plan (for the period from fisical 2010 to fisical 2014) started.
Sepracor Inc. (Current Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.) and Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma America, Inc. merged.
METGLUCO® (biguanide oral hypoglycemic) launched.
Growth hormone business transferred.
The Animal Health Products business split off and DS Pharma Animal Health Co., Ltd. established.
The Food & Speciality Products business integrated into its subsidiary Gokyo Trading Co., Ltd. and corporate name changed to DSP Gokyo Food & Chemical Co., Ltd.
Sepracor Inc. changed its company name to Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
2011 LATUDA® (atypical antipsychotic) launched in the United States by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
SUREPOST® (rapid-acting insulin secretagogue) launched.
2012 Acquired Boston Biomedical, Inc.
ZETONNA® (therapeutic agent for allergic rhinitis) launched in the U.S. by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Acquired Elevation Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(Current SRD)
AIMIX® (therapeutic agent for hypertension) launched.
2013 A Subsidiary (Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.) established in Singapore.
The third mid-term business plan (for the period from fisical 2013 to fisical 2017) started.
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Europe Ltd. changed its company name to Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Europe Ltd.
Joint venture company(Create Vassine Company,Ltd.) established.
An anti-cancer drugs sales subsidiary company(Boston Biomedical Pharma,Inc.) established in the U.S.
2014 Joint venture company(Sighregen K.K.) established.
Kobe Regenerative & Cellular Medicine Center opened.
APTIOM® (antiepileptic) launched in the United States by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
LATUDA® (atypical antipsychotic) launched in the U.K.by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Europe Ltd.
Announced reorganization of product sites (Integration of productive functions of Ibaraki Plant and Suzuka Plant, Closure of Ehime Plant)
2015 Started promotion for the indication "pruritus in chronic liver disease patients " of REMITCH®
Signed a sales collaboration agreement for GLP-1 receptor agonist Trulicity®

Dainippon Pharmaceutical

The history of Dainippon Pharmaceutical is introduced.

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals

The history of Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals is introduced.

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